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Yelp Doesn’t Help


Mar 29, 2012 random reviews , , , , 1 Comment

In my several years of writing reviews on yelp, I wrote nearly as many nonsense, prose reviews as I did legit ones of businesses.  I reviewed everything from a cleanse I did to marijuana to random men who hit on me.  Yelp never deleted any of those.

Today I received an email from yelp HQ letting me know that my post there about my blog had been removed due to it not being representative of direct consumer experience.  How in the world was my review of chewing relevant to consumer experience?  It wasn’t.  Nor were any of my other creative pieces.  But, in those pieces, I didn’t point out that yelp is a horrible commercial machine that always sides with businesses and refuses to protect reviewers from both angry owners and harassing fellow yelpers.

Thank you, yelp, for helping motivate me to start this blog.  I have well over 2,000 reviews in the two months since I started it, and I never have to worry about anyone flagging me for being honest.  As you continue to ignore harassed yelpers and side with the businesses who pay you to filter their bad reviews, I hope others will also flock to their own forums to make their voices heard.  You have grown into little beyond an advertising space for desperate businesses.

As much as I try not to spout anything negative, I am compelled to share this photo, which states the obvious in simple words:


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