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Why Be Just Awesome? You Could Be Strawesome.


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It took me a long time, but I’ve learned to love twitter.  So many random people and companies find me and my business, and I am constantly discovering new people and products too.  It’s great for the ego: I’ve been retweeted by Dr. Mercola, models Carol Alt and Anthony Anderson follow Rawk-n-Roll, and companies like iHerb and VitaCost reply with incredible speed about my customer service experiences on their sites.

One of my great twitter finds is a company called Strawesome, which manufactures glass straws.  I’ve never considered using glass straws before, and honestly had never given too much thought to the plastic straws I regularly throw in the trash because I refuse to grow up and use them regularly… I actually drink all my beverages through straws, including my daily close-to-a-gallon of water.  While I drink that water out of 16 oz mason jars and carry them with me out of the house to avoid plastic water bottles, I wasn’t really aware that there was an alternative to my plastic straw situation.  Strawesome started following both RnR and my personal account on twitter, and I noticed that their products were quite attractive.  I asked if they’d be interested in trading kale chips for glass straws; they kindly sent me two.

These things are awesome!  It took me a little while to adjust to the change in thickness, and to get used to the fact that I can’t bite down on them.  I also needed to get used to the glass-on-glass sound, but it’s a nice *clink* so that wasn’t much of a challenge.

These are similar to the ones they sent me:


Strawesome also sells bendy straws, colored straws, thicker smoothie and bubble tea straws, and even custom engraved straws.  If you have any straw-based needs, they’ve got you covered!



If you buy four or more, you get a free cleaning brush, which they have available for only $2 should you want just one or two to try first.  If ever there was an easy way to be more ecologically sound, this is it- and it’s even a pretty way to be a greener person!


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