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Rock, Paper, Hair Cut


Feb 29, 2012 random reviews , , , , , , , , , 2 Comments

Getting a hair cut is hard work!  At least, it is if you are picky and have complicated hair.  I got about five months out of my last cut, which I guess for a heavily layered look is actually awhile, but by the time I went to Rock Paper Salon today, I was hating my hair and the mushroom-shaped quality it had acquired on top.  Since my hair is very long these days (at least in back), I am kind of neurotic about much being taken off, but at the same time I want it ALL GONE NOW so I feel light and free.  And I don’t want anything round-ish at all, and I don’t want it to grow out to look like I belong on Friends, and I don’t want a mullet but I want it really 80’s rockerish, and I want sweepy bangs but I hate the feel of hair on my forehead so they can’t actually act like bangs.  And I have naturally huge, frizzy JewFro, which I prefer to wear as stringy and straight as flat irons and styling products can accomplish.

Unimpressed by my last cut at Studio DNA, where I felt like the girl was just overwhelmed by me (I know, big shock), I found a new salon called Rock Paper, located in Echo Park.  My mom had sent me a link to an article about a salon called Refuge, which is owned by a formerly Amish girl, because my mother knows how crazy in love I am with anything Amish (I know, big shock again, but in a totally different way), so I had looked it up recently… only to discover that it was on Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, and even after the show, seemed to still be kind of a disaster.  A couple of the girls from there had started a new salon, and since Ace uses the biz name “Ace Paper Sparrow” for her art, and since Rock Paper had five stars on yelp (Hi, yelp, I still don’t miss you), I decided to give it a try.

Cuts here are generally $65-95, and mine would’ve been the full $95, which was just too ‘spensive for me.  One stylist had a new client special though, and if I came in with my hair already ironed they wouldn’t have to charge for styling, so a $55 deal was offered to me and I gladly accepted it, because I help put the Jew in JewFro (which, for the record, is only a funny joke if I am the one saying it, otherwise it’d be totally offensive).  My stylist was Pam, who was by far the least chatty of any hair stylist I’ve ever had, and even though I’d brought photos and would like to think I’m fairly intelligible in my descriptions/instructions, we still had some communication issues.  (Based on my past, though, I’m realizing I may just be a pain in the butt with difficult hair.)

One hour and forty minutes later (!!!), which did not include any washing/drying, I had new hair, which was the old hair I was looking for, and I love it.  I assume it will be quicker next time if I return to her, which I will provided the style grows out ok.  Pam had a cute 60’s look and was mild-mannered and thorough, even if unable to make the connections between my words and hand gestures.  She kept saying that my hands were doing different things than my words were telling her to, and eventually I was like, ok, just ignore my hands, and focus on my words.  It was comical, if not odd/annoying for both of us.  My only complaint about the salon was the amount of hair under things and in corners, as if no one had swept thoroughly in recent days/weeks/????.  Since I doubt they want to end up with a visit from Tabitha too, they might want to make that look a bit more appealing for customers.  It was clean besides that, and reception was quite friendly.


  • Kai Lu
    Feb 29, 2012 at 4:57 pm Reply

    Trés fab-o review and RAWKIN’ hair! <3

    1. Ariane
      Feb 29, 2012 at 5:06 pm Reply

      Thanks, gorgeous!! =)

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