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Nothing Involving Mexico or Cola, But It’s Called a Mexicola


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The Mexicola I’m referring to is a varietal of avocado, and it is a unique and heavenly piece of produce.  The skin is edible, with a flavor very reminiscent of olives.  The flesh itself is rich like a standard Haas, but has a little bit of sharpness.  These avocados are small- smaller than your average Haas, and definitely a drawf in comparison to Bacon or Zultano avos.  You must wait until they are soft and almost spoiled looking to eat them.

Never seen one in a grocery store?  That would be because, sadly, they never make it there.  This little gem is in season for only a couple weeks out of the year, sometime between late November and January, and therefore can only be purchased fresh at a farmers market.  I frequent an array of markets, but have found them just at my favorite one, Hollywood.  An avocado, persimmon and citrus vendor on the Selma Ave. side has them first in the fall for several weeks, then a citrus, avo, and assorted other random items like mulberries and apples vendor who is close to the Sunset Blvd. entrance carries them for only one or two weeks in January.  Both vendors are organic and on the left side if you’re walking North.

I’ve never used these in any recipe, as they are so completely delightful on their own.  Plus, they have such a short season, and it seems a shame to cover their unusual flavor with any others, so I’ve been content eating them as a fruit.  If you like avocados, you will likely fall as deeply in love with Mexicolas as I have.  If you don’t like avocados, what in the world is wrong with you? 😉

These are the recent ones bought last week, which I paid $3/lb for. I did intentionally make them into a bit of a shrine on my kitchen table.


This is me at Ace's work with a Mexicola and Chessie, back in November when she was a tiny baby.

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