Author of Three Amazon #1 Best Selling Books

Consulting & Recipe Development

If you have an idea for a healthier food or drink, chances are Chef Ariane has a recipe for it! Her ability to create recipes out of healthful, whole food ingredients that taste as heavenly as their less-healthy counterparts has been utilized by consumer product good brands, start-up businesses, and food service establishments. Ariane’s experience isn’t limited to small scale production either: from 2009-2012 she ran Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine, a snack food brand that quickly became a Whole Foods bestseller, so she is well-versed at transitioning recipes from the home kitchen to the production line.

Ariane’s recipes have been featured everywhere from Beaming Superfood Cafes to the CostCo circular, in addition to mainstream media such as Cosmopolitan and Food.Com. She has also contributed recipes to books, including Louise Hay’s “The Bone Broth Secret” and Melanie Avalon’s “What When Wine.” When you work with Ariane, you don’t just get recipes from a chef: you’re partnering with a creative force, a certified nutritionist, and an influencer with delicious credibility.