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When You’re Burned, Baby, Burned


Sep 10, 2014 health 0 Comments

It’s no big thing for me to singe a little skin.  In fact, it happens so often while working that I barely ever bother to stop my flow and check out the damage  a corner of the oven may have caused.  Up until recently, I had no burn protocols in place, no special sauce for said singed skin, no nothing, because I’d never needed to take the issue too seriously.

Then, one night recently, an eggplant exploded on my arm, and everything changed.

I was making dinner at home, roasting up some seemingly innocuous baby heirloom eggplants: super cute fig shaped purples, long white skinnies, and stripy circular ones.    I’d made them enough times before to not consider the veggies a hazard, but when I heard a “BOOM” from the oven, I knew trouble was amiss.  Clearly, one had popped, so I went to go poke holes in them so that no more had to suffer as they cooked.  I pulled the cookie sheet out, and as I began poking around with a knife, one of the skinny white eggplants exploded ALL OVER my arm, from thumb to armpit.

It was bad.  It was real bad.  It was, stop the presses, what the hell am I going to do now, I’ve got 375 degree burning eggplant in my armpit, and on my dominant side no less, superbad.  The blisters began forming at once, from thumb to armpit, a collection of them shaped like eggplant blobs and strings.   (I took pictures, which I emailed to my mother for sympathy, but I’m nice enough to not post them here for the public.  Also, I got enough sympathy from her that I don’t need any more.)  They were scattered abroad my entire left arm, and they hurt like holy hell.

In recent months I’ve gotten very into essential oils, because they pretty much tend to fix everything.  So I asked my girlfriend to look up what essential oils help burns, and she did, and I made an ointment of them mixed with aloe and calendula.  And all my burns magically stopped hurting within about half an hour.  I reapplied religiously for the week, and now, two weeks later, the marks are faint and hardly scarring.  And the entire experience, which could have been a nightmare of infection and pain, was less of a big deal to experience than it has been to bother blogging about it, which I am doing for the sake of sharing my easy, and outrageously effective, burn salve.

When You’re Burned, Baby, Burned Salve That Fixes Everything Quickly
2 tbls aloe vera gel (don’t use the bright green stuff, that’s gross)
2 tbls calendula gel (double aloe if you don’t have this)
10 drops lavender oil
10 drops tea tree oil
10 drops chamomile oil
Mix together and feel better immediately. The tea tree acts as an antiseptic, promotes tissue healing, and prevents infection, the lavender relieves pain, prevents inflammation, and reduces scarring, and the chamomile is antibacterial, speeds healing, and alleviates pain.

For brands, I use  Aura Cacia and Mountain Rose Herbs, both organic.  Mountain Rose is a sound internet choice in terms of quality and price and perfect when you want to stock up ahead of time.   Aura Cacia is great quality, also reasonably priced, available without the internet, and made by Frontier Co-Op, which are my very favorite spices and herbs.

Rather than include a photo of the ointment, which is just white and ointmenty, or of my nasty blistery arm, here is a pic of the dinner I still managed to plate after shredding up my arm, because even though I email my mother photos of my blisters for sympathy, I’m still a badass:

mean eggplant